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Tour de Bass

Do., 15.09.2011 - Katy's Garage
off Kensaro | post 06 Sep 2011, 16:04 | Themenlink
Tour de Bass
Katy's Garage
am Donnerstag den 15.09.2011
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Tom & Flo (Upliftment Int´l/Germaica, Leipzig)
Dreadeye & Kensaro (Whitebread Hi-Fi/Thursday Thunder, Dresden)

Lift up your head and hold it up high!

Founded in December 2002, UPLIFTMENT INTERNATIONAL soon became Leipzig’s leading Reggae and Dancehall soundsystem.

From small clubs to big stages: UPLIFTMENT INTERNATIONAL is not only a name, but a philosophy. When UPLIFTMENT plays at your party, people lift off physically as well as spiritually.

UPLIFTMENT INTERNATIONAL plays everything in jamaican music, with rocksteady, ska and reggae/dancehall, mixed with r’n’b and hip hop. Not to forget their wicked dubplate specials and versatile remixes.

Eintritt: frei
Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Location: Katy's Garage www.katysgarage.de
Adresse: Alaunstraße 48, 01099 Dresden
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