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The PHD-Movie 2 - Still in Grad School!

Mi., 18.04.2018 - Kino im Kasten
off KiK | post 17 Apr 2018, 19:54 | Themenlink
The PHD-Movie 2 - Still in Grad School!
Kino im Kasten
am Mittwoch den 18.04.2018
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Regie: Iram Parveen Bilal
Darsteller: Zachary Abbott, Kari Alison Hodge, Roy Allen III
Produktion: USA 2015
Länge: 120 min
Sprachversion: OV
FSK: ohne Angabe

The Nameless Grad Student and his group must travel to an important academic conference and square off against a rival group as they compete for results and grant money. Meanwhile, Cecilia's advisor is going on sabbatical, which means she has to finish writing her thesis or be stuck in grad school another year. It's a comedy.
Eintritt: frei
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr
Location: Kino im Kasten www.kino-im-kasten.de
Adresse: August-Bebel-Straße 20, 01219 Dresden
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