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Reverberation Festival

So., 03.03.2019 - Ostpol Dresden
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Reverberation Festival
Ostpol Dresden
am Sonntag den 03.03.2019
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For the fourth time the Dresden Psych Family e.V. presents the Reverberation Festival and celebrates the diversity of psychedelic music and art. This year the happening expands to three days in two different venues, where we will present a line-up reaching from local and international bands to art-installations, small theatre improvisations and DJ’s. We want to provide a (con)temporary space and frame for people from different worlds to find together and enjoy being alive and thinking about everything that brings us together. We are all part of the valley of Dresden and want to show another facet of cultural and social life.


The Mauskovic Dance Band
Ouzo Bazooka
New Candys
Ogrom Circus
Tik Tu
Melissa Kassab
Martin Kersten (DJ/David Watts Foundation/Berlin)
Skurreal (DJ/München)
David Lau (Performance)
Mona Glaß (Visual Artist)
DJ Benjamin, popticum

your host Flux Wildly
Eintritt: 22.00 €
Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Location: Ostpol Dresden ost-pol.de
Adresse: Königsbrücker 47, 01099 Dresden
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